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The "HEYEE GROUP" is a group of large Global corporate Companies. The Group along with its participated Global partners are in the process of establishing largest, mega structured projects in the World. BARACHIEL GOLDEN CITY is one of the mega structure Project presently developing in Delhi NCR–India to provide a safe, world class separate City only for North East people to overcome social and racial conflicts in metro cities. A new revolutionary mega project to establish a "POWER REINFORCEMENT- SOCIAL PLATFORM" to connect entire populations as "United Association" in one channel is also in full swing to launch shortly. The idea and model we have created will directly uplift every citizen of India to have a most advance knowledge with quality living.

Among our new inventions, one magical platform will be delivering a system to provide an equal access power to each citizen of India regardless of protocol or common people.

  • World Tallest, Triplet Towers

  • Global Commercial Hub

  • Mega shopping Malls

  • 7 star premium Hotels

  • World Class multi-speciality Hospital

  • Peoples Joy and Happiness

  • Consultancy and Development

  • Import & Exports

  • Construction & Designs

  • Support Systems


"BARACHIEL GOLDEN CITY", a mega, super structured, a separate city only for North east people... established by 'Barachiel Golden City Properties Limited' (BGCPL) and 'HEYEE GROUP' with its world's largest corporate teamsto accommodate about one million population.

  • World Tallest, Triplet Towers - International Finance & Trade Centre
  • Global Commercial Hub
  • Mega shopping Malls
  • 7 star premium Hotels
  • World Class multi-speciality Hospital
  • Luxurious monorail services with 20 monorail station inside the City
  • Blue –Magic Lake inside the city with Motorboats and surrounded by residential Towers
All other Companies and Global Corporate Teams …..


A new revolution of reinforced-power to connect entire populations as"United Association"in one channel


  • Proving "PERSONAL LAWYER & COUNSELLOR" to each and every citizen of India.Whenever anyone face onside/ on-road issues including accidents, one can immediately get help and supports from their assigned personal Lawyers or Counsellors to easily handle the situation. Our expert will also educate them on how to go next steps safely etcetera at free of cost. This is called reinforced power attached to every citizen of India.
  • ATAPP platform(All time access public platform) with the applications of:
    (a) Smart phones based apps.
    (b) One key- automatic dial with a toll-free number.
    (c) Web based applications etc.
  • Providingnewly invented 'KNOWLEDGE ROBOT' to solve any knowledge issue(s) at free of cost.
  • Providingeducational counsellors to the poor students on real-time support (App based (ATTAPP) instant support) at free of cost.